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About Us

The history behind Deer Park Deli… A Cincinnati Landmark!

Family owned and operated for over 60 years.

Deer Park Delicatessen was started in May of 1950 by Glenn Roosa, his wife Elsie and Paul Kolthoff, with the help of Mom and Pop Kolthoff. At that time it was known as Deer Park Provisions. There were 13 small stores in the neighborhood, including a Kroger store four doors away. Over the years we grew while the other stores quit or retired. In 1965, business kept getting better and parking was becoming an issue.  So we bought the house next to us and had it demolished for a parking lot.

In 1968, we incorporated and became the DEER PARK DELICATESSEN, INC. Soon after, we purchased the house on the other side of the store and demolished it. We added to the area of the store by two and a half times. Business was very good and we were blessed with very good help. Some of the young people went on to be very successful in Cincinnati. We had one become a very prominent Doctor of Oncology at the University of Cincinnati Hospital. Another became one of the top executives at Procter and Gamble. Another left us and opened a very successful catering business.

In 1989, the State of Ohio approached us to become one of the first Liquor Agencies in the State of Ohio. Since then, we now serve many of the bars and restaurants in our area for there liquor needs.

Keith and Diane Kolthoff along with Kevin Kolthoff (Keith’s Brother) are currently running the business.  Paul and Willa Kolthoff (Keith’s Parents) still remain active at the store while Keith’s 3 daughters are also working at the Deli.  This makes Keith’s daughters the fourth generation at the Deli.

We’re all about family, fun and food.  So come to the Deer Park Deli and let us serve you with the same exact level of quality and service we’ve been offering Deer Park since 1950.

Deer Park Deli


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